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I have sustained a 40 pound weight loss. During the dropping of each challenging pound I comforted and distracted myself by posting updates to my friends and began including weight-loss myths that I had decided to check out.

item2b1I had tried to lose weight for over 15 years and gained and gained. It wasn't until I realized, through a chance encounter with my chiropractor's wife who had lost over 50 pounds, that the key to weight loss was not pills, exercise gizmos (had a closet full), nor even the dreaded exercise. The key was simply taking in less calories than the body needs everyday and make sure there is enough healthy calories to keep the body running well. I did that for a year, and it worked . . . and is still working. Click Here To Calculate How Many Calories You Will Need To Take In To Lose Weight For Your Stature

item2bLosing this weight does NOT make me a weight-loss specialist nor a medical doctor. This did make me able to get out of bed easier, breathe more fully, and enjoy walking once again. So the articles are written from my personal experience and are only meant to be educational, entertaining and possibly inspirational. I was and still am so inspired to hear real life reports from folks who ACTUALLY lose weight and keep it off. It takes a village to raise a child, but only one person to make you fat. Yes, that person that appears in the mirror each morning!So, if I could be so ignorant I figured there must be many others like myself. I decided not to believe the media statistics, the infomercials, nor the quick fix magazine and newspapter articles. I decided to do my own scientific research. I started counting the number of fat people--learned to always count myself first--compared normal weighted folks when I was out in public: just walking down a city street, in a diner, in the airports, and just sitting on a bench while watching people walk by who are shopping on Saturday.


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More to come!

Please feel free to send me

your favorite fact/fiction about weight loss

Why is it so hard to keep off the weight that is lost?


I was stunned to find around 70 percent of us were either noticably overweight or obese. 50-50 with children. Ouch!

If the percentage was not %70 overweight it was usually because my total number was around 10 or 15. If I was patient and got the total up to 40 or more, the percentage began to round out at around %70 overweight. You might asked, "how did I know they were normal weighted or not?" That part was easy. I realized that there is an automatic awareness of weight that just happens when you first see someone. It is immediate. Call it an unfair judgement, a projection, or just an observation, if you are overweight (like I still am, but no longer obese) most likely that observation of other bodies is just there. Before, I just tried to block it out. I stopped kidding myself and just let that initial observation be the guide, not the denial that can follow!

So from my experience, I suggest you DON'T trust the media, your imagination nor me. Try it in your actual life and see for yourself. Notice if you remember to count yourself at all. I didn't in the beginning. It took a while before I realized I had been leaving my own body out of the count. Duh. Get it?

Once I started counting my own body first, then HOW to lose weight suddenly made sense. I will summerize:

First, if you are overweight then acknowledge everywhere you go that you actually have a body, it is fat, that this is just the way it is for now, and it is alive. Really look at the bodies that are around you everywhere you go (it does help to count!).

Two, take in less calories where your metabolism starts burning a little fat instead of just food for energy to live. There of course is much more to consider but looking back it was these two items that really got my PLAN in gear. I used the iSaGenix basic program that allowed one full meal a day and two nutritional shakes with liquid vitamins and a liquid cleanse each day. I go on and off the program and have found that as long as the calories are right, things work for the better. The program is iSagenix but the PLAN is slightly less calories than the body needs to make energy from the food, whether I am on the program or not. The PLAN works when I work it.

So, I am compiling the updates that I sent to friends in a series of articles about what I learned about the fiction and facts of what it actually takes to compassionately lose weight.

Please feel free to send me your favorite fact/fiction about weight loss and where I can I will work them into our collection here. So, welcome and hope you too can stay with whatever works for you to lose weight because I thought I was getting old, but I was just getting fat!

Weight Loss, it's contagious!

Now, Let's get to it!



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